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Welcome to SMV Sealant Specialist covering London and the surrounding areas including Kensington & Chelsea and Wandsworth. We are also able to carry out work in the rest of the UK and are competitive within the M25.

We are a team of highly specialised and professional silicone sealant applicators that have been established for over 20 years. To date we have been awarded the Arbour Master 10 Year Warranty Registered accreditation. This means we are on Adshead Ratcliffe (Arbosil Approved Applicators List)

The main brands of sealant used are: Arbosil, Mapei, Dow Corning, Ottoseal.

We also have a vast amount of colours available at your request.

We offer a unique service for anyone who may be updating or renovating their kitchens, bathrooms and shower rooms. Our team of applicators are very skilled in the use of mastic and sealant, and we are happy to offer our services to both domestic and commercial customers.

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Silicone Sealant
Silicone Sealants.

What is a silicone sealant? Sealants fall between higher-strength adhesives and extremely low-strength putties and caulks.

Putties and caulks were designed for one function, i.e. to take up space and fill voids. However, sealants transmit a number of properties. For example, they seal the substrate at the glue line; they are extremely successful in keeping moisture in or out. They provide insulation and may also serve as fire barriers. They can on occasions contain electrical properties.

In brief, sealants can be called upon to perform several functions at any given time.

Mastic Application
Mastic Application.

The use of mastic should be very easy to use and apply - however, it's actual application can be made more difficult by the applicator tubes which operate like a syringe can make it difficult to maintain a neat joint.

The best way to apply mastic is with an applicator gun, which is where SMV Sealant Specialist have a vast amount of experience and skill. We're able to maintain absolute control and get a neat and tidy job, quickly, efficiently and effectively.

All sealant has to be tooled in to get the desired finish, corners need to be mitered, ends need to be finished. If the sealant is not tooled in it is (NOT SEALED).

Silicone Application
Silicone Application.

A sealant is a 'gluey' type of material that changes its state to become solid once it has been applied to a surface, and is used to prevent the penetration of liquids, gasses and smoke etc from one location through a barrier into another.

To ensure that the job has been done properly and to prevent any leakage from one area to another requires the skills of an expert sealant applicator.

At SMV Sealant Specialist we have a team of highly skilled and experienced sealant applicators.

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